AA Testimonial

  • “One quickly appreciates the value adding capabilities of the system”

    Andrew has been farming in the St. Brieux area for over 25 years. He has a straight grain operation which also includes pulses and peas. Andrew had the opportunity of using a DryAir system during the winter of 1996.
    “At harvest time, any help a person gets is a real bonus especially after having experienced a fall such as 1996 where we were all concerned with getting the crop harvested regardless of moisture content!
    A DryAir system enables a farmer to accomplish this with a minimum of labor and operating cost.
    In addition, this system really enables a farmer to add value to his production. Whether this be #1 wheat, malt barley, seed production or high quality peas!
    My experience with the DryAir system enabled two row barley to turn a premium over feed barley. One quickly appreciates the value adding capabilities of the system.
    The DryAir system is certainly a very worthwhile addition to our grain storage system!”

    Andrew Assie
    St. Brieux, Sask.

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