FF Testimonial

  • “We’ll be starting harvest early when quality can be preserved!”

    Marcel & Juanita Fagnou, who farm 4,500 acres just 6 miles north of St. Brieux, SK, first useD a DryAir System in the fall of 1996.
    “The cost and labor requirements of conventional drying discouraged early season use. Now, with the DryAir system, we´ll be starting harvest early when quality can be preserved.
    At a cost of 5 to 6 cents per bushel, the DryAir system paid for itself in the first season of use! Compare that to 40 or 50 cents per bushel it would have cost me using my conventional dryer.
    The fact that grain is dried simply by turning on a switch, requiring no additional labor… with complete safety is almost too good to be true!
    We dried grain in continuous rain, fog and extreme cold temperatures… conditions not suited to grain drying!
    With the premiums that can be gained by harvesting malt barley instead of feed… top quality wheat instead of a #3, the pay back time on the DryAir system is very short!
    We dried about 75,000 bushels of grain, including wheat, canola, barley and peas. Our energy bill for natural gas was under $2,500.00!
    After having used the system, I wouldn´t part with it at any cost!

    Marcel & Juanita Fagnou
    Fagnou Farms, St. Brieux, SK

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