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  • “Minimum handling & very reasonable natural gas costs”

    Victor, Adrien and Louis Perrot farm 7000 acres just west of Naicam, SK. In the fall of 1996, they managed to get most of their crop off but found themselves with over 200,000 bu. of damp grain. They had tried conventional drying systems in the past but found the costs to be prohibitive! They decided to try a DryAir system and by October 4th, a system was in place.
    “1996 was a challenging harvest season. We were eventually able to pick up most of our crop but were left to deal with approximately 200,000 bushels of tough and very damp grain (up to 25% moisture content). In the fall of 1996, we decided to try a DryAir system.
    This system has virtually eliminated the need to move damp grain two or three times in order to prevent spoilage. the DryAir system provided us with the combination of minimum handling and very reasonable natural gas costs. We found ourselves in a win/win situation.
    We operated the system continuously through the winter with typical Saskatchewan temperatures of -30C to -35C. Much of the grain dried came from a frozen stockpile. we were able to dry this product from 25% down to dry with no loss in grain quality! The system performed well beyond our expectation!
    It proved to be a major component and a vast improvement to our grain drying/blending operation.
    To date, we have had zero maintenance, no down time and no repair work. simplicity and design and ease of operation make this system an invaluable addition to our farming operation.
    We´re very confident about our harvest situation. We´ll be able to expand our harvest window by getting into the field much earlier. This system will also allow us to experiment with different harvest options.
    An excellent investment!”

    Victor, Adrien and Louis Perrot
    Perrot Farms, Naicam, SK

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