RB Testimonial

  • “We never had to wait for perfect weather… didn’t have to buy a second combine…”

    “As 1998 begins and having finished our books, we resolve that our DryAir system was probably our best investment to date and should make our farm much more productive.
    We dried 22,000 bu of wheat and peas at a cost of $.03 / bu (natural gas less than $.01 / bu and electrical slightly over $.02 / bu).
    On a personal level, the 1997 harvest was probably my most enjoyable harvest as this drying system took a lot of the pressures of harvest off of my mind.
    This system allowed us to manage our harvest more efficiently taking 2,700 acres off with one combine. Our labor requirements did not increase & we did not compromise grain quality laying in swathes as we straight combined 75% of the crop.
    We never had to wait for perfect weather, didn’t have to buy a second combine, and maximized the use of our combine regardless of grain moisture levels…be they 19, 20, or 24%!
    I believe the DryAir system is a natural extension of our aeration system with the ability to dry grain regardless of weather conditions. Having been comfortable with aeration – allowed us to have confidence in the DryAir system… it’s simplistic, but cost effective drying principles at a small cost to our operation.
    With the harvest of 1996 tucked away as a bad memory, I now realize 1997 could have been equally tough had we not pursued a DryAir system.
    I look forward to 1998 with confidence that the harvest management system will, over the years, prove to be an excellent investment. We will be adding on to our grain handling system with DryAir as an integral part of our system.”

    Roger Beaudin & Family
    St. Paul, AB

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