DZ Testimonial

  • “We are currently utilizing the DryAir boiler system on the New Emergency Centre at the University of Alberta Hospital.”

    “This specialized heating system has a boiler housing that can be positioned anywhere on site, runs on natural gas, propane or oil, and will deliver heat up to 500 ft in multiple directions, via hot water/glycol lines, to portable fan coil assemblies.”

    “Temperature control and fuel usage is automatic…. this unit requires very little supervision, therefore, cutting maintenance costs down! This helps offset the slightly higher cost of renting the DryAir unit.”
    “The most practical uses for this heat are for buildings that are largely enclosed. The system provided consistent, safe dry air. This reduces drying time for drywall, paint & stucco, and curing time for concrete.”

    “If this unit is included early in the planning stages on site, the lines can be run so they are hidden and tied into the duct system… this provides an “invisible” heat system for the job site and no relocating of units to accommodate other work.”

    Darren Zubot, PCL Construction, Edmonton, AB
    University of Alberta Hospital New Emergency Centre Project

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