NDG Testimonial

  • “Our 300,000 sq. ft building would have been very tough to heat with traditional open flame heaters.”

    “The DryAir heat exchanger and fluid line system gave us the flexibility to put the heat exactly where we needed with very little labor and supervision.”

    “The most impressive aspect of these heaters was the heat itself! Clean, consistent and dry heat is a welcome change to the old way of construction heating.”

    “No hot or cold spots, no dangerous flames or fumes… and best of all, heat dry enough to continue gypsum and painting work all winter long.”

    “We actually used the heaters to dehumidify spaces during a late winter warm spell.”

    “Once again, our thanks…. our productivity and finished product look great!”

    Norm DeGuilio, R.W. Granger & Sons, Inc., Shrewsbury, MA

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