RK Testimonial

  • “When determining what our heating requirements were going to be, we thought that the DryAir system would be a perfect fit.”

    “The addition to the school was constructed during the regular school season so we couldn’t have any open flames or excess noxious fumes present.”

    “The project entailed a large amount of painting, drywall and finish work and were informed by the R& J Construction Supply representative that the DryAir system would not add any additional moisture.”

    “The two DryAir systems we set up on our project provided an excellent, dry, even heat throughout the building… on all floors.”

    “I was getting comments from the sub-contractors on how great the system was… especially pleased were the drywallers!”

    “The flexibility of the system, along with the progressive fuel savings makes it an easy temporary heating choice.”

    “We will definitely consider using the DryAir portable heating system on future projects!”

    Rick Krenz, IHC Construction Companies LLC
    Director of Field Operations, Miles North High School project, May 16, 2003

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