RM Testimonial

  • “We took delivery of your DryAir heating system on our Harvard Business School dormitory project in Allston, MA.”

    “On this project, we were unable to utilize natural gas… and because of local regulations, could only have a limited amount of propane on site.”

    “By using the DryAir system we were able to completely fulfill our heating needs in a wide variety of applications.”

    “During the two and half months that we had the system on the job some service was needed and in all cases, both United Rentals and DryAir were prompt and knowledgeable.”

    “After a very short learning curve our onsite staff was able to start, maintain, and troubleshoot the system with ease.”

    “We found our fuels costs to be consistent with the estimates you provided at the beginning of the project.”

    “In conclusion, we were extremely pleased with all aspects of the DryAir system.”

    “As discussed, we look forward to using two of the DryAir units in the upcoming heating season.”

    Robert Mischler, Bond Brothers, Allston, MA
    Harvard Business School Dormitory Project, January 15, 2002

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