VW Testimonial

  • “This winter, we heated a a large 420,000 square foot truss plant project for Weyerhauser Canada . The structure had 50 to 60′ ceilings.”

    “Comstock Construction was the general on the job and set up to use eleven DryAir 2000-1200 central heating units.”

    “The overall performance of the DryAir system was excellent! The biggest impact on my job site was the lack of combustion by-products normally introduced by traditional burners.”

    “Compared to other heating systems the DryAir system offers indirect heating which produces much better air quality. Air quality is a major concern on these types of projects.”

    “The systems were also very flexible and low maintenance when compared with other types of heaters.”

    Vern Wall, Comstock Canada Ltd., Winnipeg, MB
    Weyerhauser Canada Truss Plant Project

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