DRYAIR is proud to be recognized by GreenSpec as an approved product that can offer LEED’s credits on LEED certified projects.  The DRYAIR system is approved for LEED’s credit IEQc3.1: Construction IAQ management.


GreenSpec is an organization with a committee of professionals that certify products based on environmentally friendly and energy efficient criteria.  According to GreenSpec there are 5 environmental performance criteria they evaluate when determining which products rank among the greenest 10% of all products in their categories.

  1. Products made with salvaged, recycled, or agricultural waste content
  2. Products that conserve natural resources
  3. Products that avoid toxic or other emissions
  4. Products that save energy or water
  5. Products that contribute to a safe, healthy built environment

According to GreenSpec “to be included in our database a product must not only meet one of the performance criteria but must also meet a set of rigorous requirements-including specific green certifications, performance thresholds, and other measures of quality-tailored to the product category against which the product is evaluated.”

For the GreenSpec product write-up on DRYAIR products you can visit their website and enter DRYAIR in the search bar or for questions about which DRYAIR products would be best suited for use on your LEED certified project you can contact your closest representative directly.