DS Testimonial

  • “As a Construction Superintendent in North Dakota, temporary heat has always been a major headache!”

    “Currently, I am working on a two story 55,000 sq. ft building. This building has no exterior insulation on the masonary walls… just roof insulation.”

    “In this situation, my biggest concern was frost and ice build-up on the exterior walls. The DRYAIR system took care of that. Even on the coldest days, frost was very minimal… and with the addition of a few fans our problem was totally solved.”

    “The Main Benefits I see with the DRYAIR system are:

    Safety… no open flames and no fumes, therefore, productivity is up.
    Low maintenance.
    Low humidity… therefore, interior finishes are easier to complete.
    Even heat is very easily accomplished by moving units around.
    Easy weekend checks by just looking at the control panel lights for problems.”

    “In the future, if temporary heat is required, I hope it’s DRYAIR on the job.”

    Dwight Steig, Mackley Construction LLC.
    Site Superintendent

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