DRYAIR Welcomes Wes Worobec, Hydronic Application Specialist

DRYAIR Welcomes Wes Worobec, Hydronic Application Specialist

DRYAIR Manufacturing would like to introduce Wes Worobec, Hydronic Applications Specialist for North America.

Wes’ direct industry experience spans 15 years with his primary industries being Construction (Building Services and Civil), Mechanical (Boiler Tie in’s) and Oil and Gas (SAGD, Water Flooding and Fracking).

Wes’ main role is to expand the awareness of the many different accessories DRYAIR offers, that can be used in conjunction with DRYAIR Hydronic Heaters. The goal is to increase utilization and revenue of DRYAIR equipment beyond the traditional applications of ground thawing, concrete curing and temporary building heat.

An example of one such accessory is our D-CAN 30 Desiccant Dehumidifier.  This is a great way to utilize hydronic equipment that is otherwise sitting idle in most of North America during the summer months.

WHY The D-CAN 30 Desiccant Dehumidifier?       

  • Up to 50% fuel reduction vs traditional desiccants
  • Greatly reduced electrical requirements, no high voltage cords
  • Each D-CAN 30 can remove up to 292 gal of water per day
  • No Co2 from vent equals more flexibility for set up
  • Dry flooded structures or provide temporary humidity control on the jobsite

Call or message Wes today, for a demo on the D-CAN 30 or more information on how you can maximize the utilization of your DRYAIR fleet!

Wes Worobec, MBA
Hydronic Applications Specialist – North America
Cell – 587-920-5809

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