With our modular concept DryAir products can be used in a number of different configurations to design a custom solution for just about any heating, drying, thawing, curing project.  From installing our central heating units to replace a boiler that is out of service to using one of our plate heat exchangers as a replacement for a hot water heater for a large apartment complex our dealers and representatives are finding new applications for DryAir products every day.


An example of one such custom request was recently undertaken by the ICS Group branch in Winnipeg, MB in the summer of 2014.  Their client was in need of a number of construction heaters to provide temporary space heat for a 3 year project in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut where they will be constructing the Canadian High Arctic Research Station (CHARS).  Cambridge Bay is 500KM north of the Arctic Circle and was chosen by the Government of Canada as the location for this new world class arctic research station in August 2010.


Ground was broken on the 3 year CHARS construction project in August of 2014.


Canadian High Arctic Research Station

The client required the heaters be mounted inside 20’ shipping containers to make them fully self-contained to make the long voyage by barge up to Cambridge Bay and to protect the heater, heat exchangers hoses and accessories from damage from the elements when not in use.  The CHU-900 was chosen as the central heating unit for this application because of its reliability and efficiency in extreme conditions and for its Tri-Fuel capability.  Natural Gas and Propane are not readily available fuel sources in this remote community so a central heating unit that could burn diesel fuel was needed.  The CHU-900 features DryAir’s innovative fuel and air preheater, that allows the burner to fire and operate at peak efficiency, even in extreme cold conditions which also contributed to it being chosen for this challenging environment.

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This is just one example of a custom solution created to solve a particular heating problem.  Tell us about your heating, drying, thawing, or curing challenge and we’ll be glad to put our years of experience to work to help you solve it.