ES 200 Fan Coil

BTU output – 201,364 BTU/H Based on 200°F (93°C) supply fluid and 32°F (0°C) ambient air, 2300 CFM air flow at 6.9″ w/c 15 GPM fluid flow Blower Backward inclined Motor – 1 HP, variable speed Power Requirements – 120 V...

HEFA 250EX – Explosion Proof Fan Coil

250,000 BTU Output, ideal for heating and climate control in oil and gas or other applications where risk of spark is a concern. Class 1, Div 1 explosion proof motor complies with oil and gas site safety regulations. Heat can be...

HEFA 80 Fan Coil

Compact and mobile design allows the portable heat exchangers to be positioned where required on the job site

Portable Heat Exchangers – HEFA 200

HEFA 200 Fan Coil

The heat exchanger coil is designed to provide a high rate of heat transfer while the built-in fans provide the high volume air delivery

HEFA 600 Fan Coil

Minimizes energy costs. With the DryAir system, you just recirculate and re-heat warm internal air, rather than heating cold external air