Boiler Tie-In & Bypass

DryAir has developed temporary boiler tie-in solutions that can be quickly deployed to address the disruption caused by an unplanned boiler failure or a planned replacement.

The Hydro Heat Pro

To address the disruption from a failed boiler, the self-contained Hydro Heat Pro comes to the rescue with 1.8 million Btu of efficient hydronic heat, combined with two plate heat exchangers. With two plate heat exchangers, the building’s domestic water supply and boiler heating loop can be heated simultaneously, making the Hydro Heat Pro a very flexible boiler tie-in solution.

The Central Heating Unit & Plate Heat Exchanger

DryAir’s Central Heating Units provide safe and efficient hydronic heat to bypass the existing boiler. The CHU is positioned outside the building where it heats and pumps a glycol solution to the plate heat exchanger situated inside the boiler room. The DryAir Plate Heat Exchanger completes the tie-in, transferring heat into the building’s domestic water supply or boiler heating loop.

The Right Tool for the Job

DryAir boiler tie-ins are a quick and cost-effective solution to deliver heat when a boiler fails or needs replacement. Not only that, these DryAir products provide year-round revenue for rental companies, as well as expand opportunities for mechanical contractors.

Reach out to our dedicated team today to discover how we can tailor a solution that perfectly suits your needs.

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