600 GTS GreenThaw™ System
  • FUEL – Diesel (std)
  • DG VERSION – Natural Gas or Propane (Tri-Fuel Capable)
  • INPUT CAPACITY – 620,200 BTU/H
  • ONBOARD HOSE MAX – 4,000 ft
  • THAW AREA – 6,000 ft² (std), 11,200 ft² (w/acc) *
  • CURE AREA – 8,000 ft² (std), 25,000 ft² (w/acc) *

Additional hose and accessories are needed to reach the maximum thawing and curing capabilities listed above.

600 GTS GreenThaw™ System

  • The large 620,000 BTU heater provides you with ample BTU’s for ground thaw, concrete cure & space or fluid heating applications
  • Patented Flow Reverser  – Eliminates hot and cold zones in the thaw pattern
  • Reduces time & fuel costs by up to 50%
  • Consistent curing temperatures across the entire slab means the whole slab cures at the same rate
  • Innovative Combustion Environment Control System preheats the fuel and air used for combustion
  • No need to bring it in to a heated shop before it goes out on the job.  The preheater allows the unit to start & run even in sub 40 degree conditions
  • Industry leading multi-loop ground thaw set-up for job site flexibility and optimum fluid circulation & heat transfer
  • Manifold System allows for fan coils or heat exchangers to plug in for space heating or fluid heating