1800 CHU Central Heating Unit
  • FUEL – Diesel Fuel #1 or #2 Heating Oil, Natural Gas or Propane
  • OUTPUT BTU/H – 1,523,200 Diesel, 1,372,000 LP, 1,352,000 NG
  • WEIGHT – 3840 lbs (1746 kg)
  • THAW SQ.FT. – 32,250 sq. ft.
  • CURE SQ.FT. – 72,000 sq. ft.

1800 CHU Central Heating Unit

The 1800 CHU has the heating power to
take on the largest winter heating projects!

  • Thaw over 32,250 square feet of frozen
    ground, cure concrete slabs up to 72,000
    square feet.
  • The 1800 CHU includes DryAir’s Patented Fuel & Air
    pre-heater for trouble free operation regardless of
    temperature swings.
  • Bi-directional fork pockets and the optional lifting
    frame make the 1800 CHU easy to place
    and maneuver.
  • System operation is controlled and monitored from
    the central heating module control panel.
  • 7 LED lights indicate operation of all essential
    systems for easy monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • The fluid circulation system is low pressure and
    atmospherically vented. There is no chance of an
    explosion or line burst due to pressure build-up.
  • No special boiler certification required.



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