Mixing Booster – MB 100

Low temperature control
Dual temperature control
Pressure & amp; flow boost

Mixing Booster – MB 100

Low temperature control

  • Low temperature application, such as concrete cure, may require a fluid temperature lower than the central heating module water heater can safely provide
  • By inserting the mixing/booster into the central heating module circulation loop, its mixing and tempering function will deliver and automatically maintain the lower temperature fluid required (ie: 70°F)

Dual temperature control

  • A central heating module circulation loop can be teed off and split into two circulation loops to provide dual function application
  • One loop can be delivering high temperature fluid (ie: 180°F) to portable heat exchangers being utilized for structure heating applications
  • The other loop, with the mixing booster inserted, can provide and maintain low temperature fluid (ie: 70°F) for concrete cure applications

Pressure & flow boost

  • The mixing/booster can also be used to boost flow and increase the pumping distances in a fluid circulation system
  • The mixing/booster can be position where flow and pressure increases are required.
  • This may be as much as 300 feet up-line from the central heating module or another “mixing/booster”


  • Electrical requirements – 115V, single phase, 15A
  • Controls & Monitoring
    • Aquastat – temperature set
    • Supply and return temperature gauges
    • Pump control switch – on – off
    • Modulating/ mixing valve
  • Dimensions – 50″L x 18″W x 20H