Plate Heat Exchanger – HEFF 1M Series II

Plate Heat Exchanger – HEFF 1M Series II

Fluid supply heating
High-rise heat delivery

High-rise heat delivery

  • Heat delivery on a multi-storied project while still keeping the heat source at ground level.
  • Heat transfer fluid can be circulated up to 70 feet (21 M) above the central heating module´s elevation utilizing our standard primary fluid lines.

Fluid supply heating

  • Isolating the fluid loops allows you to effectively heat fluid reservoirs;
  • potable water supplies
  • fuel supplies
  • swimming pools (spring start-up)
  • process fluids for various industrial application

Features & specs

  • The Plate Heat Exchanger provides a fluid distribution system totally separate from the central heating module.
    • The central heating module provides a fluid “hot” loop.
    • The plate heat exchanger transfers heat from the central heating module “hot” loop to the separate “plate heat exchanger” fluid distribution system.
  • Output – capable of exchanging up to 1,000,000 BTU/H
  • Dimensions – 36″W x 52″L x 33″H
  • Weight – 500 lbs. (227 KG) Wet
  • Electrical requirements – 230V, single phase, 60Hz, 30A
  • Pump
    • RPM 3500
    • Flow – 80 US GPM @ 35 P.S.I. (18.12 M3/HR @ 24.5 M W.C.)