900 CHU Central Heating Unit
  • FUEL – Diesel Fuel #1 or 2 Heating Oil
  • TRI-FUEL VERSION – Diesel, Natural Gas or Propane
  • OUTPUT BTU/H – 896,000
  • HEAT SQ.FT. – 27,000
  • THAW SQ.FT. – 15,750
  • CURE SQ.FT. – 36,000

900 CHU Central Heating Unit

The 900 CHU provides up to 900,000 BTU’s of heating power and is capable of being configured to burn not only natural gas and propane but, diesel fuel as well.

  • Perfect for remote applications where natural gas or propane fuel sources are not readily available.
  • An 8-light operation system makes system monitoring and troubleshooting a snap.
  • Fluid circulation system is low pressure and atmospherically vented.
  • No special boiler certification is required to operate the system.
  • Quick-connect hose couplers, “no-drain” fluid lines and a “rapid air elimination” feature ensures quick setup-and-go operation.
  • A transport trailer is available and is specifically designed to carry the DryAir 900 CHU.
  • Trailer with built-in lock box for enclosing an optional portable generator.
  • Add an optional diesel-powered genset for complete self-contained operation on a non-powered site.
  • Conforms to most special job requirements due to its modular nature.

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