400 GTS GreenThaw™ System


  • FUEL – Diesel
  • OUTPUT BTU/H – 348,000
  • ONBOARD HOSE MAX – 3,000 ft
  • THAW AREA – 6,000 ft² (std), 8,000 ft² (w/acc)
  • CURE AREA – 8,000 ft² (std), 14,000 ft² (w/acc)

Additional hose and accessories are needed to reach the maximum thawing and curing capabilities listed above.

400 GTS GreenThaw™ System

The large 348,000 BTU heater provides you with ample BTU’s maximizing heat exchanger capabilities even in the harshest of conditions.

Unlike the conventional system the HTF flow reversing system gives you the added advantage of laying out more hose without requiring a second pump and even on those days where you experience wide outside temperature swings the DryAir 400 GTS GreenThaw™ System is never fazed…it hums right along!

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