Thaw Ground In 1/2 The Time & 1/2 The Fuel Expense!

600GTS 016 (low res)

Smart Thaw System

When thawing ground with traditional systems the field hoses receive hot glycol from the heater and as it travels through the hose it transfers that heat to the ground and cools on its way back to the unit.  As a result the ground covered by hoses closer to the supply or hot side of the loop thaws out rather quickly but the job is not done until the entire area is thawed.  With the areas covered by hoses closer to the return side of the hose loop always receiving colder glycol those areas take much longer to thaw.

DryAir’s patented Smart Thaw System reverses the flow of glycol through the hoses at timed intervals so the entire thaw pattern receives the same amount of heat.  This reduces the time and fuel expense to thaw ground by as much as 50% compared to traditional systems!

The Smart Thaw System is available as a, stand alone, accessory that can be used with any of our Central Heating Units on thawing and curing jobs and is included as standard equipment in all 3 Greenthaw models.

High Capacity!

DryAir’s largest capacity CHU-1200 central heating unit can effectively thaw up to 18,000 sq. ft. at a time utilizing 12,000 ft. of thaw/cure hose at 18″ centers.

Any of DryAir central heating units, combined with thaw/cure hose, can be utilized for curing and frost prevention of all footings, grade and elevated slabs, columns and walls.

Quicker Startup!

DryAir’s higher BTU systems get the heat transfer fluid up to temperature more quickly.

With shorter 500′ hose lengths higher temperatures are maintained across the thaw pattern for faster results.

Optimum Heat Transfer!

Higher flow rates offered by the DryAir system means faster, more uniform rates of heat transfer throughout the fluid loop.