Mega Plate
  • OUTPUT BTU/H – 270,000 @ 50F Water Temp
  • OPERATING PRESSURE – 25-35 p.s.i.
  • DIMENSIONS – 48″W x 72″L x 5″D
  • WEIGHT – 170 lbs ( 77KG) Wet
  • COUPLERS – 1-1/2″” Kamlocks

Mega Plate

  • The MegaPlate is ideal for heating in ground impoundments and above ground frac tanks.
  • For larger tanks, to maintain a higher fluid temperature or for a faster heat rise multiple MegaPlate’s can be used in the same tank.
  • Up to 2 MegaPlates can run off a GTS 600 or up to 5 on a CHU-1200.
  • It would take 16,000′ of rubber heating hose to match the heating capability of 2 MegaPlate’s,
  • Compared to heat transfer hose use of the MegaPlate requires less labor to install while reducing the chance of hoses breaking down or being punctured inside the tank.

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