The Ultimate Heat-Drying Solution

GreenDry TrailerEverything you need in one enclosed trailer:

  • Site dry-outs
  • basement dry-outs
  • disaster restoration
  • mold prevention
  • humidity control

When used for drying, in most cases, at least one of the exchangers would be positioned to draw outside air (ie: through a door or window…) while the others would be positioned to recirculate/reheat interior air. The exchanger drawing outside air would, in effect, be pressurizing the structure. Moisture laden air would then be forced out an exhaust port (ie; vent, window, door…). This “moisture flush” process is a very quick and effective method of drying a structure.




  • Flood Dryout Demonstration in Houston, TexasOn December 3-5, 2004, DryAir sponsored a unique restoration and cleaning demonstration in Houston, TX. A team of over 70 experts from the insurance, environmental sciences, building materials, concrete, floor-covering inspection, restoration and mitigation industries were brought together. Over the course of two hours, a model house was flooded twice in one 16-hour period, with more than 1,000 gallons of water. The house sat in stagnant conditions for 12 hours overnight, only to be flooded again in the morning.

    “There was no question the house was not just soaked but it was truly saturated,” said Patrick J. Moffett, a registered environmental assessor with Environmental Management & Engineering Inc., of Huntington Beach, CA

    “I haven’t heard of any other building that has been this soaked.” The DryAir system was put to work and within two days the 2-story test structure was dry! It was a consensus opinion by most of the contractors and environmental specialists present that the DryAir system dramatically reduced the effects of the flooded water and relative humidity within the first 24 hours. By the end of the second day, the system appeared to have dried the vast majority of the house with only isolated areas requiring individual attention. “This long-awaited and much-needed drying process is a tremendous aid to business managers as they try to maintain their business operation and cash flow when faced with a sudden water-related catastrophe,” said Michael Head, owner and president of Servpro of Kingwood / Humble, TX”.

    “DryAir systems were used during the Florida hurricanes on several commercial properties – office buildings, nursing homes, church buildings,” said Head, who described its effect in every use as a win-win-win situation for all parties involved. “It’s good for us, who are in the restoration industry, that we can get in, get the job done, get out and get paid. It’s good for the insurance company in that it minimizes money paid out due to lost revenue as well as demolition and reconstruction costs. It’s good for the business owner or property manager because their business is not interrupted, and they don’t lose clients or cash flow”.

    Michael Head
    Owner & President of Servpro, Kingwood/Humble, Texas