About DryAir

DryAir Manufacturing was founded in 1994 to research and develop potential hydronic heating and cooling applications. The initial product launch, in 1997, was in the agricultural industry with the introduction of an innovative grain drying system. Further innovation has led to a DryAir family of portable, hydronic heating systems that provide affordable and reliable climate control solutions to a variety of industries. This has been in response to both the demands of the environment and the bottom line.

As an organization, DryAir has the scientific research and development expertise that is unmatched in its field and is backed by a management team with innovative vision. They have clearly proven their ability to evolve the Company into an international market leader with world class products. DryAir also employs an experienced workforce, which is cross-trained and, therefore able to provide the Company with the flexibility to meet customers’ service requirements. DryAir is committed to maintaining its position as the World leader in the research, development and manufacturer of affordable and portable hydronic climate control systems.