900 GTS GreenThaw™ System
  • FUEL – Diesel
  • OUTPUT BTU/H – 896,000
  • ONBOARD HOSE MAX – 4,000 ft
  • MAX THAW AREA – 16,000 sq.ft.*
  • MAX CURE AREA – 35,840 sq.ft.*

* additional hose required to reach max thawing & curing area’s

900 GTS GreenThaw™ System

With its class leading 896,000 BTU’s the 900 GTS greenthaw has the heating power to take on the biggest jobs and still has all the great features of our smaller machines.

  • Patented Flow Reverser
    • Eliminates hot and cold zones in the thaw pattern
    • Reduces time & fuel costs by up to 50%
    • Consistent curing temperatures across the entire slab – the whole slab cures faster and at the same rate
  • Combustion Environment Control System
    • Preheats the fuel and air used for combustion
    • No need to bring it in to a heated shop before it goes out on the job.  The preheater allows the unit to start & run even in sub 40 degree conditions
  • Industry leading multi-loop ground thaw set-up for job site flexibility and optimum fluid circulation & heat transfer
  • Manifold System allows for fan coils or heat exchangers to plug in for space heating or fluid heating