Workplace Screening Portal

Workplace Screening Portal

Covid-19 Response / Workplace Screening Portal

To assist in addressing worker safety due to the current pandemic, DryAir Manufacturing Corp. was approached to develop a mobile screening and preparation facility, that could be deployed as companies take additional safety precautions in preparing to welcome their staff back to work.

The idea was for a self-contained, rapid deployment intermodal solution. The Workplace Screening Portal would provide a dedicated space where workers could be screened for illness and prepare to enter, or exit their workplace through a separate and controlled environment, with all of the necessary amenities to safely address both decontamination and biocontainment.

For more information on the DryAir Workplace Screening Portal, please contact:

Wade Wilken, VP Sales & Marketing
(204) 806-3936

Cory Kohut, VP Hydronic Solutions
(204) 230-2387