DryAir at Work

  • “The DryAir system is without a doubt one of the most effective temporary heating systems we have used in over 50 years of doing business.”

    “We find that our setup and maintenance costs for temporary heating have been greatly reduced. To date, we have been very impressed with the system’s performance and versatility!” … Read More

    Lyle Scroggs, Farmer Construction, Victoria, BC
    Vice Pres./General Superintendent
  • “We are currently utilizing the DryAir boiler system on the New Emergency Centre at the University of Alberta Hospital.”

    “This specialized heating system has a boiler housing that can be positioned anywhere on site, runs on natural gas, propane or oil, and will deliver heat up to 500 ft in multiple directions, via hot water/glycol lines, to portable fan coil assemblies.” … Read More

    Darren Zubot, PCL Construction, Edmonton, AB
    University of Alberta Hospital New Emergency Centre Project
  • “When I saw the DryAir’s literature on their portable heating system, I felt it had potential. From what I could see, it utilized a central heating unit that was located outside the facility. The heating unit consisted of a hot water heater and controls (It looked user friendly, and fire free). The heat was transferred to heating units inside the building. These heating units could be situated at various locations within the building.”

    “Looking back on the project, utilizing the DryAir system for our heating was a very good decision. It provided everything it was asked to do… and more!”

    “Some of the advantages we experienced were:” … Read More

    Gary Nicholat, Dominion Construction, Saskatoon, SK
    Site Superintentant, Sherbrooke Nursing Home Project, 1998/99
  • “Because The DryAir system’s central heat source is located outside the exterior of the building, no toxic fumes are introduced into the work area. As a result, the environment is improved. An improved environment, I believe, increases worker productivity.”

    “I recommended the utilization of DryAir 2000 portable heating system whenever temporary heating is required.” … Read More

    Larry Grise, QSI Interiors, Saskatoon, SK
    Sherbrooke Nursing Home Project, 1998/99
  • “The overall performance of the DryAir system was excellent! The biggest impact on my job site was the lack of combustion by-products normally introduced by traditional burners.”

    “Compared to other heating systems the DryAir system offers indirect heating which produces much better air quality. Air quality is a major concern on these types of projects.” … Read More

    Vern Wall, Comstock Canada Ltd., Winnipeg, MB
    Weyerhauser Canada Truss Plant Project
  • On our book store project, DryAir was brought in to replace direct flame units. This project had fallen considerably behind schedule and was plagued with serious ground thaw problems. Because we were able to direct heat where it was needed, DryAir was able to assist us to get our job back on track.”

    “Overall, I was extremely pleased with the performance of the DryAir system and look forward to working with it again this winter!” … Read More

    Kanata, Ontario
    A 13,000 sq. ft. kitchen facility for the Canadian Armed Forces; A 40,000 sq. ft. “Big Box” book store, June 17, 1999
  • “We took delivery of your DryAir heating system on our Harvard Business School dormitory project in Allston, MA. By using the DryAir system we were able to completely fulfill our heating needs in a wide variety of applications.”

    “After a very short learning curve our onsite staff was able to start, maintain, and troubleshoot the system with ease. We found our fuels costs to be consistent with the estimates you provided at the beginning of the project.” … Read More

    Robert Mischler, Bond Brothers, Allston, MA
    Harvard Business School Dormitory Project, January 15, 2002
  • “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your expert assistance this past winter by recommending and providing the DryAir system. The ease of installation and system flexibility provided us with the confidence to schedule and complete critical architectural finish activities.”

    “These successful schedule completions were possible only with the aid of an effective and reliable temporary heating system and United Rentals with DryAir certainly fit the need.” … Read More

    Jack Curley, Washington Group International, North Weymouth, MA
    Administration Building Section of the new Sithe Energies Fore River 800 Megawatt Project
  • “The DryAir heat exchanger and fluid line system gave us the flexibility to put the heat exactly where we needed with very little labor and supervision. The most impressive aspect of these heaters was the heat itself! Clean, consistent and dry heat is a welcome change to the old way of construction heating.”

    “We actually used the heaters to dehumidify spaces during a late winter warm spell.” … Read More

    Norm DeGuilio, R.W. Granger & Sons, Inc., Shrewsbury, MA
  • “The Main Benefits I see with the DryAir system are:

    Safety… no open flames and no fumes, therefore, productivity is up.
    Low maintenance.
    Low humidity… therefore, interior finishes are easier to complete.
    Even heat is very easily accomplished by moving units around.
    Easy weekend checks by just looking at the control panel lights for problems.” … Read More

    Dwight Steig, Mackley Construction LLC.
    Site Superintendent
  • “The DryAir temporary heating equipment did a very good job for us on the Ohio Air National Guard project. We heated about 8,000 square feet of office space with one base unit and eight – 80,000 BTU heat exchangers.”

    “We were very happy with the performance of the equipment!” … Read More

    James A. Peck, Mosser Construction, Inc.
    PE/Project Manager, Ohio Air National Guard project
  • “When determining what our heating requirements were going to be, we thought that the DryAir system would be a perfect fit.”

    “The two DryAir systems we set up on our project provided an excellent, dry, even heat throughout the building… on all floors.”

    “The flexibility of the system, along with the progressive fuel savings makes it an easy temporary heating choice. We will definitely consider using the DryAir portable heating system on future projects!” … Read More

    Rick Krenz, IHC Construction Companies LLC
    Director of Field Operations, Miles North High School project, May 16, 2003