• “We’ll be starting harvest early when quality can be preserved!”

    Marcel & Juanita Fagnou, who farm 4,500 acres just 6 miles north of St. Brieux, SK, first useD a DryAir System in the fall of 1996.
    “The cost and labor requirements of conventional drying discouraged early season use. Now, with the DryAir system, we´ll be starting harvest early when quality can be preserved. … Read More

    Marcel & Juanita Fagnou
    Fagnou Farms, St. Brieux, SK
  • “Minimum handling & very reasonable natural gas costs”

    Victor, Adrien and Louis Perrot farm 7000 acres just west of Naicam, SK. In the fall of 1996, they managed to get most of their crop off but found themselves with over 200,000 bu. of damp grain. They had tried conventional drying systems in the past but found the costs to be prohibitive! They decided to try a DryAir system and by October 4th, a system was in place. … Read More

    Victor, Adrien and Louis Perrot
    Perrot Farms, Naicam, SK
  • “One quickly appreciates the value adding capabilities of the system”

    Andrew has been farming in the St. Brieux area for over 25 years. He has a straight grain operation which also includes pulses and peas. Andrew had the opportunity of using a DryAir system during the winter of 1996.
    “At harvest time, any help a person gets is a real bonus especially after having experienced a fall such as 1996 where we were all concerned with getting the crop harvested regardless of moisture content! … Read More

    Andrew Assie
    St. Brieux, Sask.
  • “We never had to wait for perfect weather… didn’t have to buy a second combine…”

    “As 1998 begins and having finished our books, we resolve that our DryAir system was probably our best investment to date and should make our farm much more productive.
    We dried 22,000 bu of wheat and peas at a cost of $.03 / bu (natural gas less than $.01 / bu and electrical slightly over $.02 / bu).
    On a personal level, the 1997 harvest was probably my most enjoyable harvest as this drying system took a lot of the pressures of harvest off of my mind. … Read More

    Roger Beaudin & Family
    St. Paul, AB
  • “Grade & quality of grain is maintained or even improved!”

    “We heard of DryAir 2000 August of 1997. We were immediately excited about this new technology in grain drying. After one phonecall, we were sold on this new idea. Within ten days a DryAir system arrived on our farm.
    After using the DryAir system for one season we cannot believe how grain drying can be so easy! Some of the advantages we have experienced are as follows: … Read More

    Norman & Derek Dreger
    Saddle Mountain Farms Ltd., Woking, AB