GreenThaw System (STS) – STS 100

The “Smart Thaw System” reverses the direction of flow through the thaw/cure hose, at predetermined, equal time intervals. It’s process creates equal transfer of heat throughout desirable in ground thaw and concrete cure applications

Mixing Booster – MB 100

Low temperature control Low temperature application, such as concrete cure, may require a fluid temperature lower than the central heating module water heater can safely provide By inserting the mixing/booster into the central heating module...


The humidistat, inserted in-line between the power supply and the powered heat exchanger(s), controls humidity levels on a project The humidity level set point has a full range of adjustment.

Hose Reels

Hose storage with unique” auto-feed system makes laying out hose on a job site a one-man operation…

Plate Heat Exchanger – HEFF 1M Series II

Heat delivery on a muti-storied project while still keeping the heat source at ground level. Heat transfer fluid can be circulate up to 70 feet (21 M) above the central heating module´s elevation utilizing our standard primary fluid lines.

Fluid Circulation Components

Distrubutes heat transfer fluid from the primary circulation line (or primary source) to multiple secondary sources…