MultiMax – In tank heating solution

The Multimax was developed to heat large frac heating ponds.  Using 4 of our CHU-900 units, a proprietary boosting system and large stainless steel heat plates we can deliver up to 7 million BTU’s of heat to the tank for fluid heating or frost prevention.

MultiMax unit

MultiMax unit

Oil & Gas Applications Using the Greenthaw

For years oil and gas customers have been using the field hose in the back of our Greenthaw towable hydronic heaters to wrap around pipe, well heads and blow out preventers or have immersed the hose in fluid tanks to keep them from freezing.  Since then DryAir has introduced a number of accessories that can be used with our Greenthaw’s or Central Heating Units that improve heat delivery while also keeping the rigorous safety requirements of oil and gas sites in mind.

HEFA 250EX Explosion Proof Fan Coil