KO Testimonial

  • “DryAir 2000 Inc. was contracted by our firm to provide temporary heating on two of our projects in the Ottawa area.”

    “Under normal circumstances, both these projects would have been heated using direct flame heaters… however, after speaking to the DryAir representative, we were sold on its possible advantages.”

    “On the kitchen facility project, which would have propane as a fuel, the DryAir system was sold to us on the basis of cost effectiveness; DryAir replaced 1.5 M BTU´s of direct fire units with a 600,000 BTUH boiler resulting in savings that more than offset the additional rental charges.”

    “On our Canadian forces project, the DryAir system´s advantages were the most striking!

    As this system was used to heat the building during the finishing stages of the project, we were able to see many of its advantages. ”

    “Drywall work was the most influences with the system… the reduced curing time significantly improved on our schedule!

    “By providing a more even temperature and greatly reduced humidity level, the working conditions and progress of the work were greatly enhanced!”

    On our book store project, DryAir was brought in to replace direct flame units. This project had fallen considerably behind schedule and was plagued with serious ground thaw problems. Because we were able to direct heat where it was needed, DryAir was able to assist us to get our job back on track.”

    “Overall, I was extremely pleased with the performance of the DryAir system and look forward to working with it again this winter!”

    Kanata, Ontario
    A 13,000 sq. ft. kitchen facility for the Canadian Armed Forces; A 40,000 sq. ft. “Big Box” book store, June 17, 1999

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