Commercial temporary heating & environment control

Logan Airport, Boston MA
Delta terminal and parkade construction

Residential temporary heating and drying

Two 6000 sq. ft. homes, East Hampton, Long Island, NY
DryAir was used exclusively due to its excellent drying and heating capabilities.

Temporary heating & environment control for commercial renovation

2100 Federal, Camden NJ
Heating and humidity control during the rebuilding and finishing phases.
The project was on a very tight schedule and needed DryAir to help expedite the process. There was a large amount of renovation work inside the building structure and there was a need for a controlled environment for the interior finish work.

Commercial ground thaw, concrete cure & heating forms

Maine Medical, Portland ME
DryAir was selected because of its versatility and reliability.

Commercial Concrete cure

Marquette Interchange, Milwaukee, WI
Concrete cure of a bridge deck

Steam heat source for commercial construction

Abbot Labs, Chicago, IL
Utilizing an available steam heat source for a temporary heating application. Using the DryAir “steam plate heat exchanger” to transfer heat to DryAir’s heat transfer fluid.