Combining Eco-Friendly Heating and Concrete Curing

Among all the benefits that the DryAir’s heating systems provide, eco-friendly heating is one that we pride ourselves with highly. We believe that eco-friendly heating policy is important when creating products to handle concrete cure procedures and when we design concrete curing equipment for concrete curing.
In the process of concrete curing, there is a lot of heat to be utilized, therefore in DryAir we try to make the concrete cure an eco-friendly heating process. We are able to make the concrete curing and eco-friendly heating process by optimizing our concrete curing equipment to release minimal pollutants. The concrete curing equipment conserves energy, which decreases the pollution emitted from the heaters. We believe that concrete curing and concrete curing equipment can be optimized in such a way that productivity of the processes goes up, while at the same time reaching an eco-friendly heating state.
Concrete cure is a process highly used in construction, and concrete curing is an important part of the effective and efficient completion of the work. High quality concrete curing equipment is crucial to the completion of concrete curing. The concrete curing and frost prevention of the slabs, columns and walls is important and basic step in the construction work. In DryAir we know that concrete cure has to be achieved before other procedures can be carried on, thus we take that into consideration when creating and putting in place the concrete curing equipment. In the concrete curing equipment we include a central heating module that creates the combustion away from the site, but covers a great amount of area.
With the eco-friendly heating policy, we strive to create the minimum pollution with maximum efficiency of the concrete curing equipment. The heat transfer of our products is very fast and balanced, meaning that it delivers heat evenly and the concrete cure can be done simultaneously in multiple areas and at an even rate. Furthermore, our product allows you to complete different tasks simultaneously. You need one eco-friendly heating system to achieve heating, thawing and concrete curing all at the same time. Since our concrete curing equipment allows for variation in the concrete cure, you can easily customize the heating of every project on every location, such that the concrete curing process is applied when the time and conditions are optimal. The concrete curing can be done while heating the structure, therefore allowing for multitasking on the project, which leads to faster completion time and cut in the cost of the project.
In DryAir we believe that a thorough and beneficial design of the concrete curing equipment does not need to go against the environment, and therefore we create eco-friendly heating systems that are efficient and beneficial for every project. From the concrete curing process to the thawing, we ensure that our product will optimize the environment for your workers and for your work site. When designing and setting up our concrete curing equipment we keep in mind that concrete cure has to be done is specific ways, specific times, specific temperature and humidity of the air. We are proud to have an eco-friendly heating system that guarantees the successful completion of any on-site process.





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